So M has a habit of browsing Imgur before work and any time he’s a little bit bored. Yesterday, he showed me a post about getting started with Freezer Cooking. for the unitiated, freezer cooking is the process of spending a day, cooking all of the things you’re going to eat a specific month, all in one day and then freezing them, to be defrosted as needed.

in M’s mind, this means that We will spend one day cooking, and I will have more time to do things, because all I’ll have to do is defrost and reheat.

In my mind, I see a full day of menu planning, a day of grocery shopping, a day of prep, and a day of cooking- pushing 20 hours worth of work into 2-3 days. functionally, I figure I might save about 30 minutes a day, and I’m just not sure how worth it that is…. when a roomba would save me the same amount of time!


Do any of you have experience with Freezer cooking? am I totally off base or on the right track with time savings?