On Wednesday, I posted my daily cleaning task list for you all. Now onto my weekly tasks. I have this list organized by the day of the week… so while I do these tasks once a week, I always do them on the same day of the week. Organizing it this way makes it less overwhelming to see all of my lists together, and makes it more likely that everything that I know CAN get done, DOES get done. Ready? Ok.


  1. Strip Beds
  2. Wash Bedding
  3. Sweep Upstairs & Stairs


  1. Polish Metal Fixtures
  2. Dust Kitchen
  3. Wash Cabinet Doors


  1. Clean Stove
  2. Dust Bathroom
  3. Repair Chairs


  1. Dust Dining Room
  2. Replace Paper towels


  1. Dust Living Room
  2. Mop Downstairs