So, what’s the typical day for a person #housewifing look like? Well I sit on my rear end all day watching daytime television and eating bon bons of course… and there’s the occasional hoho.

Except that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard.

There’s also the one about how those of us working in the home aren’t educated, are unintelligent, couldn’t possibly be feminists, and lack an ambition to do anything else.

Even more crap.

So let’s get a few things straight shall we? I have never eaten a bonbon in my life. until I was in my early 20’s, I thought the term ‘bonbon’ was referring to hostess ‘snoballs’- the marshmallow and coconut coated chocolate cupcake treat. and as for hohos.. I’m not a big fan of Drake’s Cakes at all. I’m much more of a little debbie person when I do indulge.

As for the lack of education, I spent 8 years training to be a midwife, and probably know  a bit more about female breasts, the products of conception, how conception happens, the developmental processes of the fetus, the process of labor & birth and the postpartum mother and newborn,  than your average bear. unintelligent? I like to think not.

So how about that feminism thing? nope. that one’s horsepuckey too. While a lot of our ‘First wave feminist’ icons railed against working in the home, by this point, our third wave I do believe, that’s not really a concern anymore. See, my concerns as a feminist lie primarily in politics and violence, not necessarily culture. I’m upset about Domestic Violence rates, sexual assault and rape, a lack of standardized maternity leave in america, leaving us the last industrialized nation with no minimum of paid maternity leave. I’m upset that Brock Turner got off with a lesser sentence because he ‘swims real good, ayuck’. I’m also pretty ticked about issues involving gender identity, sexual orientation and color.

As for lacking ambition- well, that could be outwardly perceived as correct about me- I haven’t applied for a job outside the home, and I haven’t put a lot of effort into marketing my practice lately… but that’s mostly because I’ve been A- working on this blog, and B- researching midwifery schools across the nation trying to find one that doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out for the redundancy and bad philosophy of it all- but more on my reservations another day.

So, hopefully that’s a little insight. More content rolling out throughout the day. stay tuned.