I think one of the primary features of growing up without a lot of money to go around is that you tend to develop your own personal sense of style a little later than those who have the ability to pick out their own clothing from a near unlimited pool of choices at an earlier age.

I was talking about this with my cousin, Critter, a few days ago. Critter says that she’s only really gotten her own sense of style in the last three years- meaning we both really began to discover our own personal tastes at the same general age. Over the last 6 months, as I have lost nearly 40 pounds of weight and needed to acquire new clothes, I have found myself picking a lot of very similar, very vintage looking styles.

It seems that my tastes tend toward dresses, primarily those cuts that were most popular in the late 1940’s, the 1950’s and the early 1960’s. I don’t mind different fabrics as much as I used to, and apparently I am much better about whites than I was at a younger age, because I’m actually not having to take the stain pen to them after every wear.

I have also discovered I like jewelry. I am not catholic, but a former client gifted me with a St. Gerard Medal, and another gave me a set of matching fresh water pearls in a bracelet and necklace. Not to mention the money I’ve been dishing out for Paparazzi lately.

It’s been a little surprising to me, what I have been able to find at thrift stores. I do the majority of my shopping at the locally based charity shops- the Library Thrift store (where I worked all this past summer) as well as the Local Economic Ministry, run by a church group in the area. I avoid most chain thrift stores, though I do shop at them occasionally.

In Upcoming Style related posts, I’ll talk about my Paparazzi habit, How I go about getting the best deals I can at thrift stores, and generally what items I keep in regular rotation and why. Style posts will be posted every Thursday from now on.

Thanks for reading! When do you feel like you began to develop your personal style? Answer in the comments below!