Right now, I am overwhelmingly trying to decide what to do with my future. A recent rule change means that I will only be legally allowed to practice midwifery with my current certification until 2019- then I would need another certification to meet state rules. I have to decide whether or not I am going to continue practicing, and therefore spend another couple tens of thousands to get the new certification, OR, if I will just transition my practice to another sort. So, right now I am taking a break, and concentrating on M & I’s new home.


I cook, I clean, I decorate, I babysit, I do minor renovations and I host parties. I take care of the dog, the dishes, and the laundry. I don’t watch television during the day, though I do occasionally put it on for my godchildren when they’re here.  Usually, the only sound in the house throughout the day is the dishwasher and washing machine, and maybe an audiobook playing off my computer. I might sit and crochet for an hour, working on some project that I’ve been putting off, or sit down and write a bit- either instant messaging with friends or working on this blog. To some extent, I might be doing some combination of any three of these at once.


Because M is our only source of income at the moment, I make it, at least partially, my job to ensure we’re wasting as little money as possible, which means making things myself when I can, and doing without when it’s best.


I kind of became a house girlfriend overnight, when the small shop M and I owned closed. We had just bought the house and determined that it would be MUCH easier for us if we weren’t trying to start a business while also trying to pay off a house in less than 5 years. We packed everything up, decided we would probably end up doing a lot less christmas shopping this year this way, and I ended up working mostly from home through the summer, picking up a few spare hours as a housekeeper and working at the local library’s thrift store.


When the Thrift Store closed at the first of November, I became a full time house girlfriend, and really, I have been doing my best to rock it hardcore. Until I figure out what I am going to be doing re: my career, this is my full time job, and I really felt, and still feel, as though I should take it as seriously as if I were getting paid cash money for it.