I kind of suck at blogging. Not the writing part, I’m pretty decent at that, but at the posting regularly part. Every blog I’ve ever attempted to have has ended up abandoned, and unfortunately, usually after 10 posts or less. It’s basically my nemesis when it comes to writing, is writing regularly and keeping it up.

I also have a problem with pictures. I tend to neglect uploading them, if I even took them in the first place. This isn’t necessarily a new year’s resolution, but I am trying to set up this blog so that these things aren’t the case. I am making it my goal to spend a minimum of 20 minutes every day writing something, and another 20 minutes taking pictures… as soon as we get the digital camera working. If I happen to be flitting around, my ADHD turned up on high, I will simply schedule the second post for another day, and hopefully get a bit ahead on the blogging- but still work on this thing every day.

So who am I? well, my name is Bex, I’m 26 years old ( I will be turning 27 in a week) and I live in rural Maine with my boyfriend, M, and our dog, Toots. I have made my career up to this point as a midwife, and plan on likely going back to school to update my certification to the new legal requirements in the next 18 months. Currently, I am a house-girlfriend and the babysitter to my three beautiful godchildren, Supahman, age 7 (almost 8), Silly, age 5, and Goomba, age 2. I have dabbled in a lot of other areas as well, and have encyclopedic knowledge of both the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as Westeros.

M works in a midlevel position for the government, and Toots is simply a dog. Together we enjoy taking Toots for walks, going to the movies, playing board and table top RPG games, PC games and avoiding doing the grocery shopping. This past spring, we purchased a 110 year old, three bedroom farmhouse with attached barn situated on 3/4 of an acre in my childhood hometown, which we are slowly working on renovating and decorating to fit our needs and tastes.

Other characters that might pop up here will be named as they come up- I will be posting a character guide in the top panel soon so you can keep everyone straight. Some details may be changed or omitted to protect the privacy of myself, my friends and my family.

So some other things about me? I used to be married. I vape. I wear 40’s-50’s style dresses almost exclusively. I am addicted to diet coke and my mother is my dealer/enabler. I have encyclopedic knowledge of the wizarding world, totally called the big thing at the end of the last season of Game of Thrones and I spend a good 2-3 hours cleaning every day. Our house has wood heat and usually smells like wood smoke. I hate my bathroom. I wear glasses, usually cat-eye but I also own a pair of rectangular frames. They are prescription. I do 100% of my blogging in Microsoft OneNote. I play the sims 3 & 4 regularly. I have been trying to write a novel for the last 29 days but am currently stuck.

That’s all for this morning. More posts coming your way later today!